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Kim Pallarca Lands Dream Job!

Article  written by Harshavi Patel

Part of the 30 Years of Possible series in celebration of Philpott Children’s Tennis 30th Anniversary

Over 15 years ago, Kim Pallarca joined a Philpott tennis program at her local recreation centre; not realizing that it would become the start of a life-long journey in tennis and sport. 

Over many summers, first learning to play, and then coaching tennis at Philpott camps, Kim grew in her role at Philpott. First, by becoming a volunteer, then Assistant Coach, then Head Coach, and not long after, took on a position as Coach Developer. By 2018, she added the role of Philpott’s Program & Communications Coordinator to her coaching responsibilities.

These roles sparked her interest in the sport industry, and she decided to pursue a second degree in sport management after university. From there, her interest in sport ignited into a passion for community growth through tennis, and sharing her experiences to inspire others. Her journey at Philpott allowed her to grow into the leader she is today, and become a role model for youth to follow. 

Growing girls participation in sport

Kim is a strong advocate for making tennis more accessible, and increasing the number of female leaders in sport. “A spark ignited that day; year by year, my passion led to growth, and my growth led me to where I am today, an emerging sport leader on a mission to make tennis more accessible to underserved communities.”

The leadership positions Kim achieved through Philpott allowed her to have her first direct impact on girls’ sport participation. Through the West Humber Girls Program, Kim led a program that would introduce tennis to high school girls, cultivate leadership skills through training, and equip them to join the Philpott Leadership Program. Kim holds firm her belief that “developing more female instructors will encourage more girls and women to be involved in tennis.”

Through her involvement with Philpott Children’s Tennis, and the Humber Sport Management program, a wide range of other opportunities also became available. Last September, Kim was invited on CBC Radio Metro Morning to discuss the 2021 Women’s US Open Finals, promote the impact of Philpott Children’s Tennis, and advocate for representation in tennis.


From PSO to NSO, a Dream come True!

This past summer, Kim joined a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO), Tennis Nova Scotia, for the summer as Coordinator of Community Development and Girls Advancement. There, she was able to further develop her leadership skills and pursue her goal to grow tennis in communities, while still making it accessible for all.

Kim now finds herself in the position of achieving one of her dream goals; a role at a National Sport Organization. She begins working at Tennis Canada this fall, working alongside the Director of Women and Girls Development. Kim is the perfect example of what can happen if kids are given the right opportunities to participate and grow in sports.

Congratulations Kim! The entire Philpott family is so proud of you.


To see what Kim’s been up to, you can find her on LinkedIn here!

Kim's Full Circle Moment

“Over the years, I have spoken to hundreds of students and parents, and have gotten to see, first-hand, the long-lasting impacts of sharing my story and giving back to the community. Kids that I taught in my first year of coaching are now certified tennis coaches through my mentorship in the Philpott Leadership Program that originally funded and trained me to become a coach. 

My journey with Philpott from participant to coach to management continue to fuel me to inspire and be the representation that youth, especially girls, need to get involved and stay in sport for life.”