Philpott Children’s Tennis is committed to a safe and inclusive environment for all participants and stakeholders with the goal of exceeding industry standards in our Safe Sport policies and practices. 

It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

We have a shared responsibility to foster an environment where everyone can succeed.  Our safe sport policies and practices equip participants, coaches, parents, and other stakeholders with information, training, and resources that allow everyone to support positive experiences and a safe environment where everyone can thrive.  

Have questions or concerns?

If someone is in immediate danger, please call the police (9-1-1) 

If you would like to file a complaint, please email

(this email goes to a 3rd party outside of Tennis Canada)

If you would like to discuss a safety concern with us, please e-mail

Our Safe Sport Framework

Philpott Children’s Tennis has established a framework to ensure that Safe Sport policies and practices are woven throughout the organization.  Through our four pillars of Policy;  Training; Certification; and Communication, we aim to make Safe Sport training, resources, and information known and accessible for everyone involved with our programs.     


Step 1: Creating policies which can be implemented consistently across all Philpott locations. 

  1. Safe Pick-up Policy
  2. Coach Acknowledgment Form
  3. Code of Conduct


Step 2: Providing education for all staff and coaches is a vital component of our Safe Sport commitment. Staff and coaches complete multiple training modules to ensure all members are up to date with policy information, and the latest best practices. 


Step 3: To ensure the highest standard of practice, all staff complete appropriate certification which includes High-five training, Quality Standards, CPR/First Aid, and various other modules.


Step 4: Our policies are readily available and accessible to the public, coaches, and staff. We also regular share industry best practices and resources.  

Philpott Safe Sport Committee

The Philpott Safe Sport Committee was established to take an active approach to building and fostering a secure environment for both our coaches and participants. We have created a team with support from Tennis Canada, Philpott staff members, coaches, and parents. Our mission for this committee is to identify and design safe sport policies and practices to protect and educate all participants, families, and coaches across all sites and locations. 

Thank you to the members of our Safe Sport Committee:

Jennifer Bennett (Tennis Canada)

Peter Malcomson (Ontario Tennis Association)

Richard Crowell (Philpott, Executive Director)

Kim Pallarca (Philpott Rep)

Stephan Harris (Philpott Staff)

Stephanie Chen (Philpott Staff/ Parent)

Edward Branga (Philpott Coach)

Harshavi Patel (Philpott Coach)

Arnab Bardhan (Philpott Coach)

Kate Hsu (Philpott Coach)

Gina Fok (Parent)