Coaching Development Pathway

Foundations that last a lifetime.

The Philpott Coaching Development Pathway connects participants from our community programs to the support and training they need to get quality jobs in the tennis industry. 

Over 6,000 kids annually at 16 sites

Championing diverse leaders of tomorrow

Developing transferable job and life skills

steps along the leadership pathway

get certified with philpott - leadership program

This FREE program provides participants aged 16-24 living in low-income neighborhoods of Toronto with the skills and training needed to be a tennis instructor.  You need to have experience playing tennis to apply for this program (i.e., be able to hit a forehand/backhand/overhand serve 5 times over a mini net). This program consists of a series of lessons.  All courses for this program are offered at L’amoreaux Tennis Centre near Birchmount and Finch.  

If you are interested in participating, but are under the age minimum, don’t fret! You can still volunteer.


  • Emergency First Aid & CPR-B
  • Tennis Lessons most Saturdays October to March
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • City of Toronto Sport Instructor Module
  • City of Toronto Ready, Set, PLAY! Module
  • Tennis Canada Instructor School
  • Three City of Toronto Leadership Modules

The Toronto Sports Leadership program is available to the 16-24 year-olds who live in priority needs neighbourhoods and volunteer at our Philpott sites. The youth help out with the younger children and spent time each day working with our instructors to reach a 3.0 level of tennis ability. The successful participants will work with the City of Toronto throughout the winter and attend seminars on childcare, first aid, resume writing and interview techniques. In January and February, thanks to free tennis court time given to us by the Scarborough Winter Tennis Club, we are able to offer lessons to these volunteers helping them become Tennis Canada Level 1 certification ready. Once ready, if they qualify, they receive financial assistance from Tennis Canada and Philpott to ensure they can attend the certification course.


In 2016, 100% of our candidates passed the Tennis Canada certification course held during the March break. Once a youth receives their Level One certification, we offer them paid employment as Philpott tennis instructors. This summer six of our Philpott instructors have come through this program. They are now teaching tennis in the neighbourhoods where they grew up, having learned their first tennis as Philpott campers. They are exceptional leaders and mentors to the younger children.

Meet some of our 2018/2019 TSLP Graduates!

Syed Muhammad Zafar Alam

"I am very grateful for the funding that has got me here. I want to be a coach to teach other children something that would surely change their lives. I truly hope that this support will always be here for as many people as possible to participate in this program that will forever allow more and more people my age to play and learn tennis."

Edward Branga

"I always thought of being a coach, but I wasn’t aware of a program such as TSLP. I want to say thank you to all the people that made this program possible. The benefits are extraordinary. I really want to share the knowledge I have with younger children who may find that they like the sport and will hopefully want to continue playing tennis for the rest of their lives."

Matthew Ho

Matthew participated in Doug Philpott camps throughout the years and was inspired to become an instructor when he heard of a program that would fund him to become certified.
“Thank you for supporting Doug Philpott and TSLP because this program helps a lot of people out and future tennis coaches so they can help future tennis players.”

Rose Shaver

“I love tennis and hope for it to always be a part of my life. I’d like to thank TSLP and all of the sponsors that funded and accepted me to help get me to the position I am in right now. I am so grateful for this learning opportunity and I would never be able to have the confidence to teach tennis without a program that guided me like this. I can’t wait to get on the court and start teaching!”

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