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Spring program

This free instructional program is offered every week starting on May 16 at the newly resurfaced San Romanoway courts located at 10 San Romanoway, North York, ON.  A racquet is included with the program but participants are welcome to bring their own if they choose. Please note this is the only location for the Spring Season.


SAN ROMANOWAY May 16 - June 27, 2022
Please select the appropriate age and register for one program per participant. Thank you.


Our summer tennis camps are offered free-of-charge to Toronto children and youth, ages 6-15, who would otherwise not have access to such activities. We hire 42 qualified instructors to teach tennis at each of our 17 summer camps, which are located across Toronto, including downtown, Scarborough, Etobicoke and Jane & Finch. Our partnership with the Toronto Sports Leadership program offers youth the opportunity to volunteer at our camps, preparing them for Tennis Canada certification and then future paid employment as instructors and assistant instructors.

Be a Philpott Camper!

Children attending the Philpott Programs learn more than tennis – they learn important lessons about discipline, cooperation, physical fitness, and self-confidence.  Enrollment in the program is free of cost, allowing children to attend who could not afford camp. Philpott Childrens Tennis provides a place for everyone to play!

Coach With Us!

Philpott Childrens Tennis has up to 18 sites located all over the City of Toronto. Each site will have a Head Instructor, an Assistant Instructor, and possibly volunteers. Join the Philpott family!

Youth Volunteers

Our summer program also offers a venue for youth to learn leadership skills by apprenticing as volunteer coaches for the children’s activities. As well, we partner with the Toronto Sports Leadership Program which enables successful Philpott youth to receive additional leadership training and Tennis Canada Level 1 Certification, followed with paid employment as a Philpott Coach.