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The Survey Results are In!

Check out Feedback from our Winter Program

At Philpott Children’s Tennis, we regularly survey our program participants to learn from their experiences and improve our program quality and coaching. 

We recently conducted a survey of our Fall/Winter program, which runs October – April at the North York Tennis Association bubble (NYTA), for children, aged 6-16 years old.  The survey data was collected by Bingo Impact Management, in partnership with Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities.

1. Participants rated the program overall 9/10

Philpott aims to create a safe, inclusive environment that empowers children to develop skills while having fun.  Participants rated the program 9/10 overall, and the most highly rated statement was that over 96% of participants felt safe in the program. 

We also aim for an environment where participants feel connected with friends in the program, their coaches, and the community.  When looking at the survey results, we see that 94% of participants liked their coach.  Further, two-thirds of the kids indicated that they made a new friend in the program and over 80% felt connected to their community. 

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2. Creating a lifelong love for tennis, sport, and healthy activity

 100% of respondents aged 10-14 said tennis was one of their favourite sports, which is so important because sport drop-out rates are usually highest in this age group

Throughout the program, our coaches work closely with the participants, and as a result 94% of participants agreed that the coaches helped them learn a new skill.  These new skills allowed 83% of participants to feel more confident when playing other sports, and 97% of participants listed tennis as one of their favourite sports.  We are dedicated to giving kids the tools and skills to enjoy sport and healthy activity for life!  

3. Cost and Access to Courts are the Main Barriers Preventing More Play

While we aim to make tennis accessible for all children, the survey showed that there are still barriers preventing kids and families from playing tennis more often.  Almost all respondents reported at least one barrier that prevents more frequent play, with the two most common being cost and access to courts. 

We also learned that participants want more small group lessons, team tennis, and friendly tournaments.  These are definitely areas to keep in mind as we continuously evolve our program offerings. 

A Place for Everyone to Play

Philpott Children’s Tennis is committed to making tennis more accessible and ensuring that there is A PLACE FOR EVERYONE TO PLAY.  We have been providing free programs for over 30 years; and we work tirelessly to improve access to tennis and healthy activity, by providing programs directly in the communities we serve, as well as, always striving to improve access to year-round play. 

A big THANK YOU to NYTA for partnering with us to deliver the Philpott Winter Tennis Program.  Thank you to all of the participants in this recent survey as well.  Your feedback enables us to continue delivering high quality programs that meet the needs of children, families, and our partner communities.