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Pictured above: participants from the 6th Annual 8-Hour Play it Forward Tennis-a-Thon held at the Toronto Cricket, Skating & Curling Club.  The kids played tennis for 8 hours, from 4pm until midnight, to raise pledges for Philpott Children’s Tennis. 

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On Saturday April 1st, over 80 kids from the Toronto Cricket, Skating & Curling Club played tennis for 8 hours, from 4pm – midnight, to PLAY IT FORWARD for Philpott Children’s Tennis.  

This year marked the 6th Annual Play it Forward Tennis-a-Thon hosted by the junior tennis community at the Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club. 

This much-loved event was back for the first time since covid.  With participants ranging in age from 6-18 yrs old, they played for 8 hours, from 4pm -midnight, with many of them breaking curfew for the first time in the spirit of helping others.  This fun-filled day with their Cricket Club friends is a festive celebration of their love for tennis and a chance to show their appreciaton for having access to the sport by passing on that opportunity to others.  While the kids’ legs were a little wobbly at the midnight hour, their heads were held high as they experienced the joy and privilege of giving back to others.  


Henry Cammaert (left) is pictured above with Jr Committee Co-Chairs, Pierce Imhof (centre) and Alex Baldwin (right).  

Henry was the Grand Prize Fundraising winner, raising over $11,000 in pledges! He achieved the highest individual pledge total EVER at this event. Henry wins a day at the National Bank Open (NBO) with his favourite Cricket Club coach. He chose his long-time coach Jamie Pope (in the photo above on the right).  Looks like Henry will have a good view of all the top players at the NBO from Jamie’s shoulders!   


Henry’s pledge total is the largest for any individual in the event’s 6-year history.  He raised pledges in memory of his sister, Quinn (pictured right), who also loved tennis and loved this Tennis-a-Thon event.  

Everyone was inspired by Henry’s efforts and so all 80 of the participating kids followed suit, to also make their pledges in Quinn’s name.  

We are thrilled to announce that the Toronto, Cricket, Skating & Curling Club is making a net donation of over $23,000 to Philpott Children’s Tennis in memory and celebration of Quinn Cammaert.  This record breaking donation will go towards Philpott’s first, exclusive 2-court bubbled facility coming to the Jane-Finch neighbourhood in Winter 2023/24.   The facility will make year-round tennis accessible for one of our long-standing partner communities for the first time in the organization’s history.  The Cricket club is thrilled to be honouring Quinn in such a meaningful way.  

The net donation of $23,000 is being made in memory and celebration of Quinn Cammaert (pictured above). 

Quinn’s brother, Henry, raised funds in her memory, and so all of the other 80 participants followed suit, to make the entire donation in her name.  


So many people were involved in making this event a success. 


Big thanks to Chris Gostek, Head Tennis Professional at the T.C.S.&C.C, along with the entire team of professionals, including Laura Borza, Teg Brar, Cam Walton, and Claudia Voicu who all stayed until midnight.  

Pictured above, the amazing staff at the Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club (L-R): Ali Khan, Brian Myers, Patti Henderson, Cam Walton, Jamie Pope, Michal Kokta, Laura Borza, Claudia Voicu, Chris Gostek.


Big thanks also to the Junior Committee, made up of T.C.S.&C.C tennis members ages 14+ who organize and run the event, and keep the younger kids engaged and motivated for all 8 hours! They are the leaders of the event and set the example of community and generosity that is passed down from one generation of kids to the next.  

Pictured above, the incredible Junior Play it Forward Tennis-a-Thon Committee  (L-R): James Ronan, Camden Hein, Francis Duras, Asher Benjamin, Zach Soja, Declan McCafferty, Will Garrett (back), Aidan Ronan (front), Pierce Imhof, Alex Baldwin, Sephora Statsny, Raquel Mansoor.  Shout out to Sephora for designing the official event shirt. 


Thank you also to all of the sponsors who donated prizes and silent auction items to make this event a success including, Teachers on Call, Dunlop Canada, HEAD Canada, OTA, Tennis Canada, Shark/Ninja, Horseshoe Resort, and of course Pizzaville for supplying the late night pizza to get the kids through the home stretch.  

Thank you to Teachers on Call for providing the Book prize table, and sending all of the 6-8 yr old participants home with a copy of Bianca Andreescu’s children’s picture book, Bibi’s Got Game. 

You helped us raise over 

$23,000 for Toronto’s priority needs children

The Tennis-a-Thon is one of several important 3rd party fundraisers for Philpott Children’s tennis that make it possible to introduce tennis to over 4,000 inner-city kids annually who otherwise would not be able to afford a tennis program. 

The donation from this event is being made in memory and celebration of Quinn Cammaert; and directed to Philpott’s new facility, the first of its kind, coming to the Jane-Finch neighbourhood in Winter 2023/24.  The facility will mean we can provide important programming year-round, and at convenient times for kids and families.  It will be at the kids’ doorstep, eliminating the need for long travel times and transportation.  It will be filled with coaches, mentors, friends, and community members who are a champion for every kids’ success and well-being.  We can’t wait to see it full of kids; it will change their lives.  

The success of our Kids’ Tennis programs over the past thirty years, and achieving major milestones like the new facility project, is the result of hard work and continued donor support.  These programs are possible thanks to individuals who, like you, wish to make a difference in the lives of thousands of kids living in priority neighbourhoods across Toronto. 

TOGETHER, we are making sure there is A PLACE FOR EVERYONE TO PLAY……YEAR-ROUND! 

The Philpott Board of Directors, staff, instructors, volunteers, and children say THANK YOU!

See you next year!