Thank You Red Sheedy

Written by Coulter Wright

The Philpott Organization has a history of giving.  Giving from people who want to give back to a sport that gave them so much.  When Doug Philpott passed on in the mid 80s, the Philpott Fund was set up in his honour but with the effort of many people who knew him.  This past fall, we lost one of the original Board members.  And one who showed so many of the virtues that has made our organization what it is today.

I first met Red when I was 11 years old and he was the tennis Rep for Prince Racquets in Ontario.  I was fortunate to be sponsored by Prince back in the day and grew to know Red over the years as he followed my development in Tennis.  Luckily our paths crossed again in 2002 when I joined the Board of the Philpott.  For as long as I can remember Red has been a true gentlemen, serving as a great example to our young tennis players and coaches.

Giving back is one of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves.  We learn these lessons early.  Red had been part of the Philpott family since the beginning. His gentle personality, love of laughing, kind soul and passion for tennis were a perfect fit for an organization looking to give an opportunity to kids less fortunate than us.

I had visited Red from time to time at the Belmont house, where he spent the last 10 years of his life.  I found out from the Staff that Red volunteered for years assisting other residents with their accounting and banking.  Helping everyone he could. When I saw him, he was always curious about how the Philpott was doing?  How the kids were doing?  Unbeknownst to us, Red left the Philpott $23,000 in his will – enough to open two new sites.  It is this spirit of giving that will allow us to carry on and grow. Enough to one day reach all the kids in Canada who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to play the great sport of Tennis.  Thanks Red, for all your support, love and generosity.  It will carry on in the organization that you helped create.