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Philpott Inspires, Worldwide

BY: Harry Li
My name is Harry and I have been a Philpott tennis instructor for 2 years. The favorite part of my job, similar to my fellow coaches, is inspiring kids to love tennis. I studied at Queen’s and went on a term exchange in Fudan University in Shanghai, China. While I was there, I taught tennis classes to the Fudan International High school students. Much alike my Phipott rascals who had zero experience in the sport, they loved tennis deeply as well. I successfully adapted the Phipott coaching manual for them. In the end, all my students enjoyed playing tennis and made great progress. One of the girls, we call her “Ms. president,” for she was the most athletic girl in class, went on receiving professional trainings at a very high level. Who knows, maybe she could be the next Li Na. I am very thankful to Philpott for teaching and giving me the opportunity to inspire.