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Congrats to Tyler and Spencer!

One of the great things about tennis in Ontario is that we have a culture of giving back and every year we have several donors step up to help deliver or help fund tennis programs to kids in need. This year is no different and Tyler and Spencer Keung are two of the best!

The boys are well on their way to meeting their fundraising goals for a second straight year with all proceeds going to Philpott Children’s Tennis. Their fundraising campaign’s goal is to collect 100 tennis racquets, 100 tennis bags and 100 pairs of tennis shoes for kids in need. Along the way they’ve also managed to raise some money as well.

Tyler won the top Lasallian Scholarship Award from his school which contributed $500 and they sold donated clothing they had collected raising another $250. RBC being so impressed with the work they had done agreed to donate $2,500.

In addition to the funding, they have collected 73 racquets and 13 tennis bags to date. With some work still to go, the boys are working hard and truly making a difference for kids in the program.

“We would like to thank everyone who have embraced and supported our campaign. We could not have succeeded without those that shared our passion to help. Everyone’s support in giving back has allowed more children to enjoy the game of tennis.”  – Tyler and Spencer Keung