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The 36th Annual Ladies Invitational Tournament and “GIRL’S NIGHT IN!”

Philpott Children’s Tennis is thrilled to announce that the  36th Annual Philpott Ladies Invitational Tennis Tournament raised over $70,000 for Toronto’s priority needs children. 

This is huge for the charity and ultimately for the children, as the Annual Philpott Ladies Invitational provides a significant portion of the annual funding for the Philpott Children’s Tennis. 

On January 29 and 30, nearly 300 tennis enthusiasts and Philpott supporters attended the 36th Annual Ladies Invitational tournament in support of Philpott Children’s Tennis, a charity dedicated to introducing tennis to underserved communities in Toronto. 
The two-day tournament took place at various clubs across the GTA, graciously providing court space for the 9 divisions of competition.  The tournament would not happen without the women players representing the following 10 tennis clubs who committed their time to compete and fundraise for Philpott Children’s Tennis: Bayview GCC, Boulevard Club, Badminton and Racquet Club, Donalda Club, Granite Club, Lambton GCC, Marilyn Redvers, Mayfair Lakeshore, Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club, and the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club.  Many thanks to Chris Gostek, Head Tennis Professional of the Toronto Skating and Curling Club, for managing the tournament and live scoring.
The event concluded on Day Two with a spectacular gala hosted by the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club.

Those who purchased Philpott visors participated in a “Visor On, Visor Off” Spin the Wheel game to win prizes.

Special guests, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, decided to join the party! (Just kidding. We wish!)

The dinner was themed “Girl’s Night In” as many of the ladies were wearing sleepwear, with some even rocking our exclusive Philpott “Girl’s Night In” pajamas!  The gala was a time to meet and greet opponents and friends, enjoy a delicious dinner and bid on some fabulous silent auction items. The Toronto Cricket Club added something new to the event this year; The Philpott Philly awards were very creative with names such as the “Dairy Queen Soft Serve” and “Hey, Hey, Hey, Rose All Day!” The night was filled with lots of gratitude, laughs, games and definitely a lot of dancing. Thank you to Candice Olsen of the Ladies Invitational Committee for being a wonderful spokesperson for the night!

Raffle tickets were available to be purchased to win free prizes!

The Silent Auction featured items from Tennis Canada, Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club, and many more.

The two-day tournament and gala would not be possible without the help of an amazing team…
A big thank you also goes out to the hard work of The Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club and staff; Chris Gostek, Head Tennis Professional of TCSCC; Linda Dal Din and the Philpott Ladies Invitational committee: Candice Olson, Kelly Haslett, Wendy Daniels, Lisa Richie, Lisa Hoaken, Jose Bohm, Julie Commerford, Cathy Poole, Marisa DiMonte, Chandika Makanjee and Cathy Hendren. Thank you as well to all the Head Tennis Pros and all the clubs who participated. The charity is also sincerely grateful to Caroline and Aon for sponsoring the event. You can learn more about Aon and their services here.

Philpott Children’s Tennis is thrilled to announce ….

You helped us raise over
$70,000 for Toronto’s priority needs children!

The Annual Ladies Invitational Tournament provides a significant portion of the annual funding of Philpott Children’s Tennis. The funding allows the charity to introduce tennis to over 6,500 inner-city kids annually who otherwise would not be able to afford a tennis program. The charity is working hard to create more female role models for young women tennis players through their enhanced leadership program that allows youth from the community to train as instructors and go on to become paid Philpott employees. 
The success the Kids’ Tennis programs have seen over the past twenty-five years is the result of hard work and continued donor support. These programs are possible thanks to dedicated individuals who, like you, wish to make a difference to the lives of thousands of kids living in priority neighbourhoods across Toronto!


 The Philpott Board of Directors, the instructors, the volunteers and the children say THANK YOU!

Philpott Children’s Tennis is looking forward to next year’s tournament, hosted by the Bayview Golf and Country Club.  For photos and to learn more on the Annual Ladies Invitational Tournament, check out the Ladies Invitational Page.