2019/2020 TSLP Summary

Written by: Harshavi Patel

The 2019/2020 Philpott leadership program in partnership with Toronto Sports Leadership Program was an amazing experience for many young people wanting to become active leaders in their community.

The program was held at two amazing locations: West Humber Collegiate Institute and the L’Amoreaux Tennis Center sponsored by our great partners the Trinity College Tennis Club, Charles Johnson Charitable Fund, and the City of Toronto.

Since we were able to expand our program to West Humber Collegiate with 12 new female participants in addition to our regular program at L’Amoreaux we can proudly say we reached our goal of having more female mentors in the program.

Throughout the program, the participants learned the basics of tennis, the fundamentals of being a thoughtful coach, and were able to build new relationships with their peers and our excellent Philpott Instructors. Besides that, there were also many other opportunities where our participants got to attend seminars on childcare, first aid, and in-depth resume writing and interview techniques.

Unfortunately, they were unable to complete the final portion of this program: the certification which is why we are committed to offering the course again when it is safer to do so for our last year’s participants. “Even though this year has thrown us a curveball, we still plan to restart our programs with updated safety protocols in place so we can continue making a difference in our community. -Richard Crowell, Executive Director ”

We are encouraging new members especially young females who would like to take on an active role to join this program. “I would strongly recommend other youth to apply for the TSLP program. This is an experience that will change your life and it will help shape you for the future in ways you probably would not have known. – Ole Anderson , 2019 TSLP participant”

Thanks to our hardworking coaches, staff members, and partners we are able to pull this off every year assuredly and plan to keep growing.



Harshavi Patel, Sophia Abiara, Stephan Harris at the 2019/2020 Toronto Sport Leadership Program.