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Meet Colin! From Philpott Camper to Coach

The Philpott Coaching Team is excited to introduce you to one of our Leadership Program participants, Colin Fok. 

The Philpott Leadership Program is a partnership between Philpott Children’s Tennis and the City of Toronto (Toronto Sports Leadership Program). The course starts in October and culminates in April with the Tennis Canada instructor certification course.  Successful participants are then hired to work in the Philpott summer program.  Click here to learn more about the program.

Here is what Colin had to say:

“When I was just 5 years old, my parents had enrolled me in my first tennis camp. I remember walking through the giant gates at Malvern Recreation Centre and seeing those big courts for the first time. As I picked up my racket, it felt intimidating at first, especially as a shy kid. But as the program progressed, I began to get a feel for the ball, the racket, and the game and that summer, I fell in love with the sport.

Each summer, I would enroll for a tennis camp with Philpott. The coaches would teach me to build up confidence in my skill, guide me through the process of improvement in playing, and I would follow their examples as a role model. I translated those skills to other areas of my life, and it really helped me to build relationships, excel at school, and get to where I am today.



As I got into high school, my first thought of volunteering went to Philpott as an assistant in the summer. I was so excited to see the kids each day as I would be there to support them, just as my coaches had shown me when I was little. It felt so fulfilling and that summer, I went away from that experience renewed and eager to continue playing tennis, and I have Philpott to thank for that.”


-Colin Fok