This FREE program provides participants with the skills and training needed to be a tennis instructor.  You need to have experience playing tennis to apply for this program (i.e., be able to hit a forehand/backhand/overhand serve 5 times over a mini net). This program consists of a series of lessons.  All courses for this program are offered at L’amoreaux Tennis Centre near Birchmount and Finch.  Participants must be aged 16+. 

If you are interested in participating, but are under the age minimum, don’t fret! You can still volunteer.


  • Emergency First Aid & CPR-B
  • Tennis Lessons most Saturdays October to March
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • City of Toronto Sport Instructor Module
  • City of Toronto Ready, Set, PLAY! Module
  • Tennis Canada Instructor School
  • Three City of Toronto Leadership Modules

Additional positions available for females aged 16-24.


October 12/13              OFF – Long Weekend

October 19                    Emergency First Aid Course (EFA)  9-5pm

October 20                    Fundamental Movement Skills/RSP 9-5pm

 October 26                   Tennis Class

November 2                  Tennis Class (Communication 3-5pm)

 November 9                Tennis Class

November 16               Tennis Class (Compass 3-5pm)

 November 23              Tennis Class 

 November 30              Tennis Class

 December 7                Tennis Class

December 14                OFF – Holiday

December 21                OFF – Holiday

December 28                OFF – Holiday

 January 4                     OFF – Holiday

January 11                   Tennis Class (Interview Prep 3-5pm)

January 18                   Tennis Class (Interview After 2-6pm)

January 25                   Tennis Class

February 1                   Tennis Class

February 8                   Tennis Class

February 15                  OFF –  Long Weekend

February 22                  Tennis Class

 February 29                  Tennis Class

 March 7                        Tennis Class (Self-Reflection 3-5pm)

 March 14                      OFF – March Break

March 21                       OFF – March Break

 March 27-29                Instructor Course

 April 3-5                        Instructor Course

 May 1                           Graduation Celebration